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August 23, 2010

Yeah we got a blog, we’ll use it… someday… Yeah, we didn’t fill out the About Me Section yet. Most of all this formatting just looks terrible.

Fixing this thing to really be useable and fun is definitely on our to-do list, so… Come back in a few months! =)

That's right, this Saturday Chuck Galamimus is gonna hit Venice Beach to Kill a Kitten!


TOP FIVE! 6/24/10

June 25, 2010

Hey Starcubians! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Top 5 games of the moment, done by each DSR bigwig each month? No? Yes???

Well here we go.

NUMBER FIVE. Wii Sports Resort (Wii)- I’m amazed it’s this far up, but its multiplayer replay and the surprising fun of some of the lesser-walked paths (I’m lookin’ at you, Island Flyover) make this always worth playing.

NUMBER FOUR. Galaga (NES via Virtual Console)- I can’t quit. Ya can’t quit shootin’. If you quit shootin’, the bugs will KILL THE EARTH. Or at least I think that’s the plot of the epic arcade classic Galaga. the warfare exhibited by the space-faring (how do they BREATHE??) bug creatures of Galaga is quite civilized. You’d think it would put them at a disadvantage, but they’ll still kill you.

NUMBER3. Animal Crossing- City Folk (Wii)- With a potential new friend to play with (desperate for friends, even in video games…), Animal Crossing is HEATING UP this Summer! Pun…. ACTIVATED. Oh, and Tom Nook’s swanky department store? I just COON’T get enough.

NUMBER TWO. Warioware D.I.Y. (DS)- Wanna make video games? Good luck! Don’t know where to start? Me neither, but this game is probably a decent first step in that direction. Design your own EVERYTHING for little games, and enjoy your efforts with varying degrees of success. It demands time and energy, a greed worthy of the titular character himself! WA HA HAAA 

NUMBER ONE! Picross 3D (DS)- 3D? Whuh??? How?! How’d I get a NINTENDO 3DS GAME so early?!!! …Calm down, Sparky! Picross 3D is the fabulous sequel to the fabulous puzzler Picross DS. The “3D” referenced here is that instead of finding pictures on a grid (Picross DS), you’re finding ‘pictures’ (3d shapes composed of cubes) hidden inside a larger cube. If you like puzzles, if you’ve played Picross, and if you have any interest in sculpting, this is the video game for you. While 3D glasses aren’t needed, it’s… not in the 3D you’re thinking of. it’s just polygons as opposed to an XY grid. Spoiler ALERT.

Dolphin Starcube Newsletter: May 6th, 2010

May 7, 2010

Hey ya’ll! We brought together the best of the best for our biggest trailer yet, Metal Gear Junior! Also, LeDouche reviews Phoenix Wright and reveals his face for the first time, and Grand Moff Preview digs deep into the true storyline to Metroid: Other M! Check it out below!

            This is the last episode of the Spring, and we’ll now be taking our summer break! We’ll be coming back with the show in August with various changes and improvements! You can look forward to a shorter show, more live-action segments, episodes based specifically on game series, a new website, and several other upgrades! Also, this summer we are working on organizing a live event with documentary to pass the time! We just can’t stop working, otherwise life would get too boring! 

          A link to our facebook page is below, help us out by liking it and inviting your friends! We will be using the page as a way to keep in touch and deliver information about what we’re up to over the summer. Thank you everyone and have a good one! -S. McCool

It’s A dude- Whaaaa?! They Strike Again!

April 20, 2010

Well everyone, it’s happened again DAMNIT! For the third time in my life those japanese have thrown me another curveball. First Kuja, then Zelos, and now JANAFF? Damnit, just when you think you’re playing a game and think a character is attractive videogame designers everywhere throw you a curveball forcing you to re-evaluate your  sexual orientation. Bunch of JERKS is WHAT THEY ARE.

It all started in the dawn of the new millenium when videos of a hit new FF villain jumped on the internet superhighway.
Gonna try and convince me that’s not hot? I mean hell I looked up all the cosplay on the internet and there’s no guys to be found! Part of the filename on this image is ‘fantasy’. You’re damn right it’s fantasy! What guy wouldn’t want a feather-headed babe on his side? And are you trying to convince me Kuja’s jamming his junk in that, what’s it called… I mean it’s a freaking jock-strap atleast.

Then the same crap happened again in Tales of Symphonia God DAMNIT. They put this super hot Zelos chick in the intro movie so the whole game I can’t wait for the Lloyd on red-headed babe sex scene. Kids pulling out their weniers just waiting to get halfway through to meet this vixen. Then you find it it’s some ladies-man? Ladies-man is right this dude is a chick!
Alright, now Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Now I mean it’s getting a little more understandable here, I guess I can see a dude here if I squint hard. Maybe moving to Los Angeles has made me a little homo but I’m still full-blown heterosexual over here and I wouldn’t mind taking this feathered babe to Chuck E. Cheese’s. And once again, of course no cosplaying guys got the balls to take this one on, girls all over.
 Only EFFING reason I kept this skill-inept bastard in my party is because I thought in some messed up way playing with this character would provide me some kind of romantic relief in the videogame world. Wow, kinda makes being a videogame nerd sound really FUCKED UP when you think of it like that, but that’s whats going on! Now I’m stuck with this high-leveled gender-switcher and I’m screwed! The japanese have struck again.

-Buzzy B.

Well Then… (Mutiny Control)

April 16, 2010

Greetings, Starcubians! I’m throwing my hat into the hat-rack of fun, but I ain’t got a damn thing to write about! I wrote a paper today for my class about the poetry of Charles Baudelaire and how it applies to society today. His poetry is SUPER f***ed up so I’m a bit at a loss in the creativity department.

…I do, however, have the ability to gush about my new Nintendo DSi XL. Foolish, you cry? Well, I know the “3DS” will be coming out (in Japan) in less than a year, but that puts it in the States in like… a year and a half! And I don’t think I’ll buy one right away: The DS is in its gaming prime, and I have a feeling it will still have several strong first and third party releases even after this mythic “3DS” has been unleashed upon the headache-prone masses. Also, my previous Nuntandoo handheld was the original gray DS. It’s now in the loving hands of P.F.C. Rustavius Archibald-Bunsworth Curtis. Sooo it’s a win-win! Sure, the XL costs just about as much as a discounted Wii(yowchhh I try not to think about that often), but I love the damn thing, and don’t regret it. Already have a DSi? Then I wouldn’t recommend it; you already have what you need(though the GIANT screens are reallly nifty). DS Lite users with a little scratch and DS users yearning for something MOAR, this is the handheld for YEW. Don’t even have a DS? Then get a Lite or a DSi, if ya ain’t got one by now you sure ain’t gonna shell out for an XL. It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for those it’s aimed at. Once again, those people are…

A) Big People  B)People with some… Spending Cash  C)People with an old or dying DS  D) TV’s Alan Thicke

I got 2.5 out of 4, so I feel like a reall winnah! It plays great videogames but also has tons of fun time-wasting shite already built in!

…oh, it’s time to wrap up, Kevin? ok… Well, that’s how I feel about the DSi XL. Tune in next time where I reveal the (as of 11:02 PM Central Daylight Time on 04/14/10) lost April 12 update! Also, be on the lookout for an in-depth account of my upcoming dabbling with the Monster Hunter Tri demo! Or not, we’ll see what happens. Cambo, you want in?

Dolphin Starcube Newsletter: April 9th, 2010

April 11, 2010

Hey ya’ll! This week we amped up the power, bring the 80’s cartoon series ‘Captain N’ to life, with astounding graphics! Also, LeDouche reviews Mario Galaxy and Grand Moff Preview takes a new direction, taking it to Earth for a live interview! Check it out below!

            Our new Episode Update will be Friday, April 30th, yes that is correct, that is 3 weeks from now! It will be our last Spring episode and we are taking our time to provide you with the best show before summer we can. Get ready, our trailer will be titled ‘Metal Gear Junior’, I’ll let you figure it out! As you certainly have noticed, we are still young filmmaking fetuses over here, and are constantly working to upgrade the show, so every comment matters! 

          Don’t forget to check the website for updates, as Game of the Week will now be exclusively on the site! Thanks for the support everyone! –S. McCool

Howdy doodie!!

April 11, 2010